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Reset of Serial Numbers By Each month

Question asked by daymond on Feb 16, 2015
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Reset of Serial Numbers By Each month


Hello, smiley

I am stuck while creating the invoice numbers. 
I am currently creating a new database with the invoice numbers. 
I would like to create a serial number the following way.
The serial number should go back to 01 with the start of each month. 

Right Now field set to Auto-Enter field so its always increment the value by 1

but i want that when i create the new invoice its start from 01 to unlimited values (because i am not sure how many invoices i am going to create. ) 

F.ex. 01-01-2015 ID=01

        01-01-2015 ID=02

        02-01-2015 ID=03 till 31-01-2015

in next month its has to start from the beginning

        01-02-2015 ID=01

        06-02-2015 ID=02 till 28-02-2015

I have the following fields at the moment: 

Date: Creation Date
Serial Number: Auto-enter serial 

whenever i delete any data and create new one its increment my number not replacing my old data number too.. 

How should I update that one. 

Thanks for clarifying.