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Reset password in two databases at once

Question asked by mmccarty on Apr 8, 2011


Reset password in two databases at once



  I recently posted this question and got a solution that I thought would work but unfortunately it didn't.  I have two database that about twenty people access via IWP.  I want them to have the same username and password in both accounts.  I can't use external authentication because our IT department doesn't want me any where near their servers.  My problem occurs when a user changes their password in one database and now I need to trigger the change in the other database.

Last time I posted this question, I was told to create scripts that change the password in both databases.  When DB1 changes password, perform script in DB2 using script parameters to pass username and password. This works beautifully in FM.  However it doesn't work in IWP!!  I don't think the two databases can talk via IWP.

Anyone know why this won't work in IWP?  Or How to make it work?

Thanks so much!