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Reseting field "Budget Used"

Question asked by MarcMcCall on Jul 30, 2012
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Reseting field "Budget Used"


Hey guys,


I need a little help setting the calculation up.  (I'm guessing this would be a Auto Enter Calculation pending contents of Budget_Period)


I have 4 fields

Budget, Budget_Used, Budget_Period, Budget_Start_Date

I want the Budget_Used to reset to 0.00 when the it is time to reset via the Budget_Period and Budget_Start_Date.

The Budget_Period is attached to a value list containing Not Specified/Daily/Weekly/Mointhly/Quarterly/Yearly

When it is set to Not Specified, it will not need to do anything.

Budget isn't really pertainate to this question, it is just the amount of the Budget for the Budget_Period.


Thanks in advance for your assistance.