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Resetting a count

Question asked by RobMorgan on Jan 10, 2014
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Resetting a count


     I am new to Filemaker and trying to find a way of resetting a count based on a certain field.

     I have a database that allows defects to be added to a contract. I have a table with contract numbers The contract numbers are in the format of CM00000000. I have another table of defects which contain the contract numbers and the two fields are linked in relationships. When the user selects a contract I am trying to get the system to generate the next defect number in that contract.

     i.e       Contract selected CM00001234 system generates defect no CM00001234/1

                user then inputst CM00001532 system generates defect no CM00001532/1

                user then inputs CM00001234 this time systme generates CM00001234/2

     I hope this makes sense