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Resetting and Saving Google Settings - Web Direct

Question asked by MartinCrosman on Apr 4, 2015


Resetting and Saving Google Settings - Web Direct


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Interactive content displays as a link in FileMaker WebDirect when accessed via ‘https’ request in the Chrome web browser.

For example, access a solution that contains an Interactive container field (with content) via FileMaker WebDirect using the following URL:  


All Video, Audio and PDF files are displayed as a link. The first time you click on the link to open the content you are prompted to allow the blocked content to display. All subsequent attempts will display the content without being prompted.

Note: Safari and Internet Explorer properly stream the content of the interactive container.  The content is also streamed properly when accessed via the ‘http” protocol (http://<IPaddress>/fmi/webd)

This behavior is due to Chrome security settings.  Chrome provides a warning message when you access a https web page which has http content inside the same page. If you select to block the non-secured content, the following visit for the https connection does not display any http content.  So for interactive container fields you should select to allow the non-secured content.

Visit Google's Chrome website for full explanation of this behavior.


The above works but I can not get Chrome to save this setting. Each time I login to the Web Direct solution I am forced to do this each time. Is there a way I can get Chrome to save that setting as a default? I have visited the Chrome web site and others but I can't get this to save. Any ideas out there?