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Resetting field when record changes?

Question asked by tobiasj on Feb 1, 2014
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Resetting field when record changes?



     I have a portal displaying file names. When the user clicks a row in this portal, I have set up a container field to display the file (images). This is done through a script, making changes in a table.

     Now, when the user uses the mousewheel to scroll through the records (browse mode, form view), the container field continues to display this image, while I would like to reset the field to display nothing (the image may not be associated with the new record).

     I have been lookign into script triggers to accomplish this clearing, but since the layout doesn't change I can't use the layout triggers. Likewise the object triggers fail me, since I don't want to reset the field whenever the user changes some field.

     So, I guess the question is if there are any ways to detect a change in the active record (and hook a script into that event), or some other way to accomplish this clearing of the image field.

     Thanks for your time.