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Resetting Password in two databases at once

Question asked by mmccarty on Mar 31, 2011
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Resetting Password in two databases at once



  I have two databases, the first has been in use by about 30 people in my division for about two years.  I was recently asked to created a document tracking database for everyone in my division.  Both database are available via FM11 Server Advanced.  I've created an account for everyone and I want those who use the original database to have same user name and password for both.  This isn't difficult to set up but becomes a problem whenever someone changes passwords.  Unfortunately, our IT department won't let me anywhere near our servers, so I can't use external authentication.

What I want:

If the user changes their password in one database for a script to be triggered that would change the password in the other, that way it appears to them that they have only one account when in actuality they have two.  My only idea is to have a server side script on a schedule that finds recent password changes and updates the other database's account.  I know how to program this but I want the change to be immediate without having to run a server script every ten minutes.  Is there a way to have a script in one database file, trigger a script in a different file?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated