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Resetting Past Related Fields

Question asked by NaturSalus on Mar 9, 2012
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Resetting Past Related Fields



When checking that everything works fine in one of my projects, I have noticed that when creating a new record I will get "past" values in fields from related TOs even before having made any selection.

For example, 

I start the project and get into the Manual layout, press the New Record button and when moving to the Appraiser Tab, even before I do anything, I will get a list of values in the Action and Name fields. Both fields are on a Portal to the manualAPPRAISER_manual TO and get their values through a Pop Up menu.

The Action field gets itis values directly from a list of values (Originated by, Reviewed by,  Approved by)in a value list.

The Name field gets its values from the manualAPPRAISER_manual TO to the Person table. In this case, through the value list I select the value for the related __kp_Person and the corresponding value is entered into the Name field.

In order to find out what is going on, I noticed that there where values in the dev_manualAPPRAISE_manual layout and these were showing on the newly created Manual record.

So, even though there were no records in the Manual layout, when I created a new one, all the choices made in the past borth for the Action and Name fields were listed in the Portal containing these fields.


My question is, how to prevent this "field population memory" from showing other than going to every single dev_tablename layout and delete all the records?

Is there a way to assure that in a newly related record the fields are populated only with the values originated by the user?

Is there any way of zeroing past related fields?

Maybe there is a command or script step that I don't know of that could be added to the New Record script triggered by the New Record button on my Manual layout.