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    Resize image file?



      Resize image file?


      Hi all,

      I want to resize an image in my Filemaker database. I simply want to take say a 1024 x 768 image to 800 x 600.  The sizes will always be uniform but I'd like to be able to click a button and it gets done.

      Any ideas?


      Jack Mac

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          What version of FileMaker are you using? In fileMaker 12, there's a GetThumbNail function newly added with this version, that may serve for this purpose.

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            Although I am no expert, I will see if others can help more.  However, my answer is NO.

            The graphic image is a jpg, png, gif, tif etc, which image size was set by a graphics program, like iPhoto. or the camera settings.  FMP simply stores the image. You can define a container field to be those pixel sizes or crop it to reduce the displayed size, but the orignal graphic file will remain unchanged.

            You could change the graphics using another program to your desired 2 sizes and save the 1024x768 and a 800x600 and click between them using FMP.

            I am hoping i am wrong, I would like to do something similar.


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              GetThumbNail creates a new copy of the image that can be entered into a container field and exported. This suggests that it would work to resize an image file, but only if you have FileMaker 12.

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                What if its FileMaker 11?

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                  Good suggestion, Phil.  I just tried it and perhaps this is the answer for Jack.  What GetThumbnail does is duplicates the orignal file. Both files are the same size and name, but displays in the Width, Height rectangle specified in GetThumbNail (image, width, height).  Even exporting the original and the thumb nail, will duplicate the original file, not resized in export file.  

                  I have done this small to large image click as many web based info, show a thumb nail in a small view and click that view to enlarge in another window but it is not changing the original dpi, but showing in a larger sized container field.

                  Define the Thumbnail as a button and run a script to open new window with larger image.  Click on large image as a button and return to small size.


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                    Yep indeed. It's a good suggestion. I wonder how can I accomplish the image resizing process. Do I need another image resizing SDK to help change the size of images? I am almost a green hand here. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.




                    Best regards,