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    Resize one window only



      Resize one window only


           Whe are trying to create a log file of what scripts have been run, at what time, by whom, with what parameters. We have created a layout/table to handle all the data and have placed a "Perform script" at the bottom of every script to input the necessary information. However, the people in the office find it annoying that when the "new window" command shows up, they see a flicker on the screen (some people run 200+ scripts a day). I have tried resizing the window to be 1px by 1px but this ends up making every window that the user has open change sizes. Is there any way to resize just the one window but make every other window stay the same?

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               Resizing one window should not change the size of other windows unless you are on the Windows OS and have windows maximized. Creating a new window or resizing an existing window will drop your windows out of maximized state. This leaves you with several choices for working around this problem:

               1) Don't operate with windows maximized. This can be a problem with having two sets of scroll bars--one for the application window and another for each FileMaker window opened within it.

               2) Write scripts that modify the sizes of existing windows after opening/resizing the new window. This does cause an annoying "jump" to the windows but careful size settings that pop the unmaximized window back out to nearly the original maximized dimentions can minimize it.

               3). Don't open a new window. Use Freeze Window to keep the current window unchanged, switch to the other layout in the same window. Process the records or whatever you neeed to do and then return to your original layout.