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    Resize text fields



      Resize text fields



      It it possible to textfields inside a portal. that are positioned next to eachother to expand (resize) to the right with the same with.??!! if it make sence. Im trying to say if i got two field in a portalrow. size 180 px each. when someone if the higher resulution uses the database, both of the field expand to etc 308px each. ?? I hope that you guy understand what im trying to say.


      If I use auto resize fuction with a anchor (right enabled) on both textfields the left textfield will overlap the right object. 


      is there an solution that does this.



      get (Screenwidth) = 768 ; ReSize (textfield1 ; 180px) ReSize (textfield2 ; 180px)

      get (Screenwidth) = 1024 ; ReSize (textfield1 ; 308px) ReSize (textfield2 ; 308px) 


      End if 


      thanks so much..  hope you hear from you, Kudos to you.

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          Thank you for your post.


          No, it is not possible to set the field size from a script.  One possible solution is to have two different layouts with the two different field sizes.  You can then check the screen width and select the appropriate layout.  For example:


          If [ Get ( ScreenWidth ) > 768 ]

             Go to Layout [ <expanded layout> ]


             Go to Layout [ <normal layout> ]

          End If


          Let me know if you need clarification.



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            Thanks TSgal.


            I found your reply a great help, this makes me create a layout for widescreen users and one for normal screens. I have programmed the whole database in with 1024 x768px.