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Resizing blank space

Question asked by KatG on Dec 2, 2011
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Resizing blank space



I have a made a report with many text portals. I have been able to format the fields so as to remove the blank space with the sliding up and left features on most of the portal fields. One fthe fields is approx 20 lines long, and in the preview it will resize down to about 5 lines even when there is only one line of text entered into the field. There are similarly sized fields at the beginning of the layout that do resize appropriately, I have checked the alignment/ positioning in the inspector and all of the settings are the same as the fields that do resize properly, I have tried the diffferent combinations of "all objects above" etc, I have checked and unchecked "also resize enclosing part" I even created an addtional field in the child table with dummy records and that new field would not fully resize either. I shifted the fields that did resize down and I inserted the field that was not resizing above those where the format was working and it did resize at that point, so I thought it had to be a problem with the underlying layout but I can't make sense out of it. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Thanks, the help is greatly appreciated!