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    Resizing PDF in WindowsOS



      Resizing PDF in WindowsOS



      I'm trying to use the Save to PDF feature + Print Setup to resize and print as PDF.  When using MacOS, this works fine.  However, we are migrating to WindowsOS and the prompt doesn't allow for this resizing adjustment in FMP (only to specific printers so it doesn't register when the PDF is saved).  Is there a way around this resizing issue?


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          This is a typical limitation with printing in Windows.

          Unfortunately, you will need to resize your layout in order to get this to work. I suggest using the Duplicate Layout option to make a copy of the layout so that you can keep the current layout for browse mode purposes and then resize  and re-position the objects on your copy of the layout in order to get them all to fit within the limits of the print are for the page size and orientation that you will be using when printing or saving as PDF from this layout.

          A button can be used to change to this other layout for printing purposes.

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            Thanks Phil!