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    Resizing Records



      Resizing Records


      I am brand new to the data base world and a bit overwhelmed.  Can someone tell me how to create a full page record?  When I drag fields off the default format, the fields appear in the new position but cannot be filled in.  Thanks,  Bill

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          And what is the "default format"?

          Don't see how repositioning a field to a different spot on the layout would affect the user's ability to edit the contents of the field, so that description puzzles me here. Please describe exactly what you did.

          A few basic hints to keep in mind when you set up your full page record layout:

          Make sure that when you view the records in browse mode, you select the Form View option.

          In layout mode (edit layout), you can resize layout parts by dragging their lower borders downward. Thus you may need to drag the lower body of the body layout part downward if you need more room. If you have selected the appropriate printer, page size and page orientation in printer set up, you'll see lines appear that tell you where the page break will be (horizontal line) and how much of your layout will print on the page (everything to the left of the vertical dashed line).

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            Thanks for the response.  I am clearly missing something obvious here:  when I dragged down the bottom line, it bounced right back up (which is all I meant by 'default':  where the bottom of the record is on the screen, about 7 in. down a sheet when printed).  Trying again, this time successfully, I dragged the field boxes to the new lower margin. The field description stayed put; the corresponding data entry box would not follow.  I was left with the unusable word "cost" or "size" or whatever at the bottom of the page and the work area stuck up top.

            Anyway, with your very helpful hints, I will stick with the trials and errors.  I sense there's a lot of that in my FilePro future.

            Thank you again.   Bill

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              The field label and the field are separate layout objects. If you want to reposition them both, you need to select and drag both. You can drag a selection rectange around multiple objects or you can hold down the shift key and select multiple objects by clicking each object.

              You can even double click and then edit the field label's text to use different text for the label.

              To modify the size of a field, click it to bring up the small black boxes (Selection handles), then drag one box to change the size of the field. You can hold down the shift key to constrain the size change to just vertical or just horizontal if you want. You can also enter numbers into the boxes in the Inspectors Postion tab to change a layout object's size and/or location. If you click the units to the right of these boxes you can change them to pixels--which is usally a more convenient set of units to work with for this purpose.

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                Thanks again.  I already knew about 10% of that and the report is now in pretty good shape.  If I could just figure out how to get the thing to quit printing a second, blank page after each record even though the preview shows me clearly within the boundries, I'm off and running.  Well, walking at least.  No need to reply; I'll just keep perstering you as long as you keep feeding me.   But thanks again.

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                  Yeah, but the "care and feeding of Newbies" is a primary purpose of this forum Wink

                  1. Enter Layout mode
                  2. Use Printer Setup to select the desired printer, page size and page orientation.
                  3. Look for a horizontal dashed line across the bottom of your layout. If you see one, resize your layout parts (or remove any that you don't need), until this line disappears.
                  4. If you can't see one, your layout may be just one or two pixels too large to fit on a page. Either drag the bottom boundary up a few pixels or click a layout part label (Body, header, footer, etc.) and then change the part's height by a few pixels in the Position tab of the Inspector.