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    resizing row height



      resizing row height


           Hi,  I gave up on Bento because I wasn't able to adjust the height of the rows.  Now I'm trying out Filemaker Pro 12 and it doesn't seem to have that option either. Is it possible to resize rows in Filemaker Pro 12?

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               The rows can be resized but we need a more detailed description of what you are attempting.

               Rows of what?

               A row in a portal?

               A row in a table view?

               A row in List View?

               Do you want to make the row height taller for all rows or just when the extra row height is needed to fully display data in a field that is wrapping into additional rows of data?

               Do you need to see this in Browse mode or just when printed/previewed/saved as PDF?

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                 Hi, Thank you for responding.  Now that I've spent a bit more time with the program, I've answered my own question.