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Resizing Text Box?

Question asked by ChristieMendolia on Jan 17, 2012
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Resizing Text Box?


As I am new to Filemaker Pro, please excuse me if this has been asked before, because I have not found the full answer to my question. 


I have created a file (using no scripts, or anything special as I have not been able to really figure out Filemaker) and in the table view of this, I am not able to see a cell that has more then one line of text. I've been able to extend the text box in the layout mode, but it still just shows a single line of text in the table view. Is there a way to change this? I need to be able to print in the table view, and have these lines of text showing so changing views and printing does not really work for me. 

I uploaded a picture of both the table view and the list view. 

I even tried to create this in Excel and then import it, but it lost all formatting when I did that. 

Thanks in advance for the help.