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Resource Management Database

Question asked by CassW on Apr 18, 2011
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Resource Management Database


Hi everyone and a pleasure to meet you all. We've got a project in the pipe and we need some assistance to help us crack a particular problem. So here goes.

We need to set up a capacity management system that can help us track and manage the occupancy of our lodge so that we can be sure we won't overbook them.

For example, one of our lodges has a maximum capacity of 30 people at any one time and we'd like to have a way to be able monitor the number of people booked into the lodge for overnight stays so we know what is the remaining capacity that we can use. You can think of it as like a hotel booking system where people come and go and the available capacity will be updated as and when people come and go. The database should be able to tell us how much space we have left on a particular day when we query it and warn us if the lodge will be overbooked.

We're doing this more or less manually now and it takes a bit of extra time to determine the available capacity and mistakes do happen.

I've been doing FM databases for awhile and although I can 'see' it in my head I just can't put it all together and need some help to move it along. Hope you guys can help.

Thanks very much!