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Responsive/Synchronized Fields

Question asked by JackWilliams on Jul 20, 2015
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Responsive/Synchronized Fields


Hi everyone,

I'll give a lot of detail here because I believe what I am trying to do is a bit complex. I have a layout in my FileMaker solution that I call a "kit builder". What this "kit builder" does is compile products, which I have stored in a few other separate tables, into one "kit" of the aforementioned products stored in other tables. Visually, I am trying to make this easy for the end-user.  Following is a screenshot of what a sample element of the kit builder looks like alone ( I would like the elements to synchronize with each other, meaning that fields on that element should update according to which record is initially selected. For example, Product A is a record stored in the "PV Modules" table. This record, of course, contains fields, such as an image that is specific to the record/product. When I select product A from the drop down menu (which I know how to do already), I would like the image container box to update with the image container field used in Product A's record. Here is a visual example of what I am trying to accomplish ( I apologize for asking such a detailed question, but I'm still relatively new to FileMaker and I'd rather not spend time devising a system that may or may not work only to discover that there was a much easier and more efficient option.