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    restore tab state



      restore tab state




      I am to using a tabbed layout and also have buttons in these tabs that open new windows (to facilitate editing). After the edit is made and widow closed I need to return the user to the previously open tab. I have found a number of great solutions for this but none of them work in IWP which I also need.


      So far I have tried:

      http://sixfriedrice.com/wp/restoring-active-tab-state/ (this works great but not in IWP)

         and these which were mentioned in the comments:

         http://blog.myfmbutler.com/?p=34 (not IWP compatible)

         http://www.nightwing.com.au/FileMaker/demos9/demo902.html  (not IWP compatible)


      My next solution to this will be to build simulated tabs using seperate layouts for each tab. I would prefer to avoid this but I am seeing so far that it may not be possible.



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          Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.  There were a few posts that were initially missed.


          One option is to use a New Window script step.  In FileMaker Pro, this opens a new window.  With Instant Web Publishing, it creates a virtual window.  That is, the same browser window is open, but the previous page is saved.  Eventually, when you execute a script that uses Close Window, you are returned to where you were before the New Window command.


          As a brief example, create two scripts, SECOND and ORIGINAL, with the following commands:



          New Window

          Go to Layout [ <another layout> ]



          Close Window



          In your original layout, create a button and link it to the script "SECOND".  In the other layout, create a button and link it to the script "ORIGINAL".


          Go to your machine with a browser and open the file.  Go to the original layout and click the button.  It appears nothing has happened except switch to the second layout.  Now, when you click the button on the second layout, you are automatically returned to the original layout, as if it said, "Go to Layout [original] "


          Granted, this is a simplistic case, but this should get you pointed in the right direction.


          Again, I apologize for the late response.



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