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Restrict access but allow record copying

Question asked by LanR on Dec 19, 2011
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Restrict access but allow record copying


I'm finding privileges and access confusing. I produce one solution that is a large database of scientific data. Users are not allowed to copy or export the entire database, make alterations etc., just use the data and copy records from a find or individually to paste the information elsewhere.

I recently upgraded from FM pro 6 to FM 11 Advanced and find the access and privilege setup confusing. After setting up the file privilesges the way I want it with it running under FileMaker, with the menu access set to uses but not creation, no scripting, no making layouts, etc.; the user can copy a record or copy information from a field and paste it.

After making a solution though, this copying of data from a field no longer works.

What setting will preserve copying under the edit menu command but maintain other restrictions?

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