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    Restrict closing windows



      Restrict closing windows


      Could someone explain which would be the best way to restricts certain users closing windows. The reason I want to do this is so users have to run a script to close the window so the script can also check all fields contain information.


      Basically I don't want the window to be closed until all fields have been completed. 



      Thanks, hope someone can help

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          In your script to open the window, hide and lock the task bar and include:


          Allow User Abort [off]


            Pause/resume script [indefinitely]

          End Loop


          Set any buttons on the current layout to "halt" or "exit" the current script when they are clicked. (I'm not sure it's strictly necessary, but I also include a Allow User Abort [on] in each of these buttons' scripts.)


          This will keep the users from closing or hiding the current window.


          It'd be much nicer if we could set a "modal" property for a given window but that's a feature we don't have.