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    Restrict user to only their records



      Restrict user to only their records



           I have read through the forums and have implemented how I understand this should be done but it is not working. Can someone see where I might be going wrong?

           I have an expense table and expense line item table. I only want the currently logged in account user to be able to only see the records they created there and be able to edit them.

           In each of these tables whenever a new record is created the field "z_RecordCreationAccount" captures the current logged in account name.

           I have gone into security and have created a privilege set that under data access and design for these two tables I have have set for Record viewing this calculation: z_RecordCreationAccount = Get (AccountName).

      I have created two test records one for myself and one for the testuser. When I log out and come back in as the test user and navigate to the expense detail layout I can still see the two records when I should only be able to see the testuser one. What am I missing?

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               I can't see anything specifically wrong from what you have described. Obviously something is or you would see the other records covered with a grey "no access" screen.

               Check each of your settings in field options and manage | Security carefull. Inspect the actual values entere into the z_RecordCreationAccount field. Make sure that the account for the test user has the correct privilege set specified and that your limited access lock expressions truly are present in the settings for that specific privilege set.