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Restrict value list based on table

Question asked by lijnbach on Mar 6, 2014
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Restrict value list based on table


     Because I want to be sure of the integrity of the database, users are not allowed to delete records. (My main table is connected with 8 other tables. If someone deletes a record of a related table, I have a problem).

     So, users can not delete records, but put them "in Archive". (Just a combo box with "yes or no". In all lay outs I select the appropriate table, with the selection "Archive = No". (Works all fine).

     But, I have value lists (based on related tables) that shows the records from the table. But can I restrict these tables also in value lists with the restriction "Archive = No".  

     I couldn't find a solution on the forum.

     Thanks in advance,

     Hans Lijnbach