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    Restricted drop down list



      Restricted drop down list


           I am using FMP 11 Advanced on a FMP 11 Server, and have a database in which one of the fields has a drop down that pulls from a separate database.  But I want this drop down list to only show the item if it has not been retired (a field in the second database).  I am not sure how to restrict the drop down list that way.

           Thanks for your assistance.

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               Set up a relationship to display everything that has not been retired, than in your value list select "Use values from field" option. Then select the relationship you set up and the field to display

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                 That works, but it may be simpler to define this calculation field in your "other database"(using your fields and values in place of mine):

                 If ( Status  ≠ "Retired" ; ValueField )

                 This field will be empty for all cases where the value is retired. Now define your "use values from a field" value list to list values from this calculation field.