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    Restricting access to certain records.



      Restricting access to certain records.


      Is there a way to restrict users from accessing certain records?


      Is  there a way to prohibit modification of records that are closed?

      Is there a way to make it so that users (project managers) could only modify records (projects) for their projects and prohibit project managers from modifing other project managers projects?



      BACKGROUND INFO:  We are using Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced and Filemaker Server 10 Advanced. Filemaker Server Advanced is running on a Windows PC server. We have about 25 Filemaker client users (both Mac & PC). We also have non-Filemaker client users for employees, companywide, to access a couple of layouts via Custom Web Publishing. The client has been using this Filemaker database since 1998. I personally have been using Filemaker since the late 1980’s when it was called Claris Works. We just recently upgraded from Filemaker 5 to Filemaker 10 and are in the process of a major overhaul of the entire database. Records in the main table represent individual marketing jobs (usually print jobs - i.e. brochure, forms book, mailer, etc.). Then, we have about 18 related tables for tracking various aspects of a job through the production schedule, from job initiation to completion. It tracks milestone due dates, design specs, licensing information, inventory, distribution, costs, ordering, etc.

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          Look up this section in Filemaker help to get you started on the basics: "Editing record access privileges". There's a section in that help article titled: "Entering a formula for limiting access on a record-by-record basis" you'll want to pay close attention to.

          If you read all that and still have questions, feel free to post back here with them.

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            I'll check it out.

            Thanks Phil!


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              Tagging on as I am looking to do the same. I followed Phil's recommendation and now my user only sees the records I want them to (for the most part) but the other records are still there all the fields just show 'no access' Is there a way to hide those all together? 

              An over simplified breakdown of my setups is...

              3 tables: Customers; contracts; support tickets

              the relationshps are: Preferences::portfolio--Customers::Portfolio; Customers::Portfolio--Contracts::Portfolio and Contracts::contract--Support Tickets::contract

              I created a preference page where the user can enter the Portfolio they manage. By doing so it allows them to see their support tickets. The two problems are that they can also see other records as 'no access' and if a contract is not assigned to a portfolio they can see that contract as well. I only want them to be able to see the support tickets that are tied to contracts in their portfolio. My guess is I need to write a better formula for the privilage set. Currently for viewing records it is just Preferences::Portfolio = Customers::kp_ID_Portfolio

              Any help is appreciated.