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    Restricting Chart to a Patient



      Restricting Chart to a Patient


      I am trying to create a line diagram to show the progress of a patient with regard to one parameter, like Heart Rate, on a ward over a period.  The X Axis will have the parameter range, something like 0-200 bpm, common to all graphs.  The Y Axis needs to show the HR for that patient over the days or weeks that he/ she has been cared for.  HOw can I write a calculation field to do this???  Have tried and scratched my head for a bit!

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          I'm not a medical-person, but would it not be more conventional to have the dates along the X-axis from left to right, and the data (HR) up the Y-axis?  Although I don't see that it matters if I have misunderstood that bit.

          Why do you need a calculation?  What happens when you find the records for the patient that you are interested in, for the date range to be perused, and insert a Chart in that table collecting the data from the found set, X and Y-axes as defined above, using 'only found records'?

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            I am using Post Operative days (day 0, day 1, 2 etc)  as opposed to dates on the X Axis.  I hope to display a line/ bar within my layout "Assessment".  When I open a new record for a patient, I hope to see the data from over the past days displayed while creating the record.

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              How are your recording the heart rate data? In separate fields of the same record or in a related table?

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                The Heart Rate is recorded in a field within the Assessment Table (Assessment::HeartRate). So too Assessment::PostOp Day.  THese are displayed on an Assessment Layout.  Assessment Table is related to a Patient table (that includes fields for name, Date of Birth, Age etc) via a auto-entered serial PatientNumber.

                THanks for helping!

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                  Don't see any chart option that would allow you to orient the line vertically like you might find in a strip chart. You'll need to orient the chart horizontally instead. With that limitation, you should then be able to set up a chart for this either from a patient based layout using the related records option or from an assessment layout if you perform a find or use Go To Related record to isolate a single patients records in a found set and then use the found set option.

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                    The orientation of the line chart was intended to be horizontal.  Sorry to confuse with my poor description!  I decided on a bar graph in the assessment layout using the found set option.  THanks for always being helpful!