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    restricting data entry



      restricting data entry




           I am trying to restrict data entry into a field called "Date SPECCD," if another field called "Concept Approved Date" is empty (They are both part of a table called "Approval_Master 2").

           I'm pretty sure that I have to set-up a calculation in the "Validated by Calculation" option, but I'm having trouble building it. I'd appreciate any help I can get! Sorry for the newb question.


           Thank you :)

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               Not IsEmpty ( Concept Approved Date )

               would work as a validation calculation, but this will still allow entry into the field. I will throw up an error message if some one enters data into the Date SPECCD field and then tries to exit. You may want to add a script with OnObjectEnter that moves the cursor to the next field in the tab order if the Concept Approved Date field is empty. (use both settings to make sure that a date isn't entered as drag and drop can get around the OnObjectEnter trigger.)