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    Restricting Record Access



      Restricting Record Access


      Hey there.

      Using FMP 11 Advanced on WinxP.

      Is there a way to restrict an individual records view privileges to the person who created it?


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          I should add that the way I've figured being able to do this so far is to create a separate layout for each person ( there are 7 users for this project ) and then assign each a unique privilege set that allows them so see their layout (plus all the shared ones) but not the other 6 that need to be private.

          The process would then be that when a user creates a record (always done from a shared view table/layout ) it gets the active account name and goes to the correct table/layout from there.

          The other way I've considered is far less secure but seems like it would be easier to set up.  For context, the file's default menu set is pared down quite a bit and is fairly restrictive.  Also, for non-admin ( me and 1 other person ) users the status bar is hidden and locked.  Navigation is accomplished only via scripted button use.  It would be quite easy to make the buttons filter the record found set by user.  The catch is that this wouldn't preclude the user from doing a Find that captured records they weren't supposed to see.....

          hrm.  any way around that?

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            Creating customized layouts for each user is not an optimum design. Different layouts won't control which records you can view on that layout.

            You can control user access (to view and/or edit) specific records in FileMaker. See "Editing record access privileges" in FileMaker help and pay close attention to the section titled: "Entering a formula for limiting access on a record-by-record basis".

            Combine these settings with a find that finds just that user's records and you should get what you need here.