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Restricting Record Access by Account Name

Question asked by PeterDowns on Jul 26, 2011
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Restricting Record Access by Account Name



I am not sure this is the right way or the most effective approach. 

I have a multiple user database that have records displayed in a table called Projects. Users enter their project details but I only want them to see their own records not other users. The approach I have taken is to set up a new privilege set called teamView. I have selected custom privileges and I have filtered the table by Record_Created_By = Get(AccountName) (with this field being apart of table Records). The user with this privilege set assigned he has access to his records (so it appears to be working) however all the other records are coming up "no Access". Is there any way of hiding the "no access" records as there will be hundreds of records in the system and they don't want to have to browse through everyone.

Plus I have set all the other custom requirements to full access or yes, but the new record and delete record are all coming up greyed out.

If this is the wrong way of filtering records just give it too me straight.

yours in still struggling