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    Restricting spellcheck to certain fields?



      Restricting spellcheck to certain fields?


      Is it possible to limit spellcheck so it only checks spellings in particular fields in records? I have many fields in the record, some that need to be spellchecked, others do not. I want the user to be ale to specify which fields to check.

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          The automatic red underline spellchecking can be turned off for any field. Select it in layout mode and click the "Do not apply visual spell checking" check box in the behavior section of the Data tab on the inspector.

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            I'm referring to a spell check done on an entire file after data entry is done, not during data entry. Do I understand correctly that if I turn off spell check in a layout then when I run a script that does "check record" it will ignore those fields?

            What I was envisioning was the user clicking on a button to perform a spell check. I would then display a screen with a check box for each possible field and asking the user to select "all" or specific fields.

            I would then perform a spell check on the entire file inspecting only those fields the user selected.

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              To perform a spell check like you describe, you'll need to play a few games with your layouts unfortunately. I wish we could just set a property to take a field out of spellcheck but as far as I know, that option only applies to the red underline based visual spell checking.

              1. Create a record where only the fields you want checked are present on the layout.
              2. Create a script with these steps:

                Go To Layout [spellcheck layout]
                Check Record

              A button on your data entry layout can trigger this script and a button on the spellcheck layout can take the user back to the original layout.

              A similar script can use the step Check Found Set to check all the records in the found set on this layout. Or you can write a script that loops through the found set and checks one record at a time.

              That's the closest I can come to what you want. I realize it won't allow you to select fields for spell checking on the fly as you request. For most uses, Filemaker's visual spell checking feature is a better option.

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                     Sounds like a complicated issue, I never considered about this kind of thing before. This also make me think about the spellchecker control. I perceive that I learned something from this thread.