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    Restrictions in total participants



      Restrictions in total participants


      I am creating a layout with 8 different sessions. Participants should attend at least 2 out 8 sessions. Each sessions should have no more than 25 participants. How do I set a restriction for a cap of 25?

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          Have you defined tables for this yet? We'd need to know how you are structuring the data in order to answer this question. If you also need help with that, let us know and we can start from there.

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            Currently, I have 1 field for each day, also, 1 field for each total number of participants attending per day. In addition to first and last name..., I set up the fields for the total number of participants per day as a "summary/count of" corresponding to each day. Is there a way to set up a restricting so that the maximum number of participants is 25 per day

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              I think you would want one record for each day rather than one field for each day and several different tables related something like this:

              Participants----<Participant_Session>-----Sessions (---< means one to many)

              Participants::ParticipantID = Participant_Session::ParticipantID
              Sessions::SessionID = Participant_Session::SessionID

              With these relationships, you can put a portal to Participant_Session on your sessions ID and then sign up participants for that given session by adding records to the portal--each with a different Participant. A simple way to limit the session to 25 particpants would be to use a portal without a scroll bar and exactly 25 rows. Count ( Participant_Session ) , defined in the Sessions table can also be used so their are ways to make this more flexible (which can allow you to limit different sessions to different limits without redesigning your layout each time).

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                I am new to this program. I am not sure how to get starter. 

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                  I want participants to register online. would that change anything?

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                    As far as I know, this should work equally well via Instant Web Publishing.

                    Be prepared to spend some time reading up on FileMaker, completing some training tutorials or both. We'll help you all we can here, but a forum is best setup to provide answers to specific questions and there's a lot about filemaker that you'll need to learn before you can get such a project up and running for you.

                    First you'll need to define the three tables with the fields, and relationships needed to record all the data. Do you know how to do this?

                    Once we have the basic tables and relationships, we can take a look at how to set up some simple layouts for registering people in their sessions.

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                      Okay so I need to create these three tables

                      1. Participants

                      2. Participants_Sessions

                      3. Sessions

                      For the "Participants" table I will need to create fields that will store their information such as first name and last name participant ID, 

                      For the "Participant_session" I will need to create a field for each seccionID??

                      For "sessions" what field should I add.

                      Then, I will relate the following tables Participants ... Participants_sessions .... Sessions 

                      participants by the participants ID

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                        Participant_Session whould have at least two number fields: ParticipantID and SessionID

                        Sessions would have all the fields you need to document each session offered, such as the topic, location and time. It would include SessionID as an auto-entered serial number.

                        In Participants, ParticipantID would also be defined as an auto-entered serial number.

                        Participants and Participant_Session would be related by ParticipantID

                        Sessions and Participant_Sessions would be related by SessionID.

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                          Let me know if this would work

                          The layout has the following fields (all of these fields are part of the same table):

                          participant ID

                          First Name

                          Last Name

                          Session 1


                          Session 8

                          Seccion 1 Running count


                          Session 8 Running count

                          How can I add a script that will allow participants to pick a max and min of 2 sessions? and at the same time, How can I restrict the running count to 25?


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                            No session field should be present in the Participant table. That will be tracked in the Participant_Session table.

                            With that set up. A calculation field can count the number of records in Participant_Session that are linked to a given participant to confirm that exactly two sessions have been selected.

                            Here's how it works in narrative form:

                            A participant creates a new record on a layout to Participants where they enter their name and any other data about them that you want. ParticipantID generates a unique ID for them as it's an auto-entered serial number.

                            On the same layout, a portal to Participant Session has a field with a drop down list. The participant selects a session from this drop down. To register for two sessions, the participant can make two such entries in this portal.

                            A script can be performed that checks the number of Participant_Session records for each SessionID and "closes" a given session by setting a field to "closed" when the maximum enrollment is reached. The drop down list of sessions can be a conditional value list of sessions that only lists sessions that are not closed. Thus sessions will disappear from the value list when they reach their maximum enrollment.

                            That's the basic outline of where we are headed here.

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                              I am replacing someone temporarily. She suggested the previous set up. I will follow your suggestions. I will go ahead and start creating tables and relationships. I really appreciate all of your help. 

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                                I have created the tables, fields, and relationships needed. I am in the process of creating a portal. I chose "sessions" from the "show related records from." I am not complete sure of the details of the portal. Which fields should I move to the portal?? 

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                                  This is where things may not make sense at first, but it works if you follow through carefully.

                                  First, re-open Manage | Database | Relationships. Double click the line linking Participants to Participant_Session and enable "Allow creation of records via this relationship for Participant_Session. DO NOT enable this option for Participants in this relationship.

                                  Now, add a portal to Participant_Session, NOT Sessions on your Participant layout.

                                  Put the SessionID field in this portal and then add a field or fields from Sessions to your portal so that you can see additional information about the session selected in each portal row.

                                  Since you are limiting participants to two sessions, you can make your portal only two rows high if you want.

                                  After closing the portal setup dialog, select the SessionID field and use the Data tab of the inspector to format it as either a drop down list or pop up menu. You can click the pencil icon to create a new value list for this field. Create a new value list with the specify field option. Specify Sessions::SessionID as field 1, click the also display values from check box and specify a Name field from Sessions that uniquely identifies each session available in the table. You can select the "show only values from second field" as long as the second field is unique in every record in sessions. With a pop up menu, this second field value will be automatically displayed in your portal and you may not need to add any other fields. With a drop down list, you'll see the ID number when you exit the field and you'll need at least one field from sessions in your portal so that users can see what session was selected.

                                  See if you can get this part of the system working for you, then we'll enhance this setup to limit sessions to 25 participants.

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                                    Should I enable the "Delete......table" under participants_sessions?

                                    Similarly, Do I need to double click on the relationship between Participants_sessions and sessions and enable "Allow...creation of records" and "Delete ...table" under sessions?

                                    Under Portal Setup

                                    Should I enable Allow deletion of portal records and show vertical scroll bar? (there's no need for the bar since there's only selecting 2 sessions?)

                                    The ParticipantID, First and Last name will not be part of the portal, right? they will just be added to the layout as a field?

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