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Restructure challenge

Question asked by GuyStevens on May 22, 2012
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Restructure challenge


I'm helping someone on this forum ( )

And he has the problem that his table structure is very wrong.

I think it's maybe a very Excell type of mindset that was used, anyway. It's all filled in and reports need to be made. But the data is in a horrible form to do it.

Is there anyone that has any experience or ideas how best to go about transforming this:



Into this:


So it can be imported in a simple line items kind of way, linked to the students.
If this could be done directly into filemaker that would be great as well.

The problem is that the Category name comes from the table name. But that could be set as a global field, no problem there.
The other problem is all of the fields. Every "item" is not a new record, but a different field. And the name of the item, is the fieldname.
And you always have two fields, First the amount, then a divide factor.

Anyway, converting from horizontal to vertical. Anyone any ideas?

Can this be scripted without having to manually set every field?
Or will this be a case of exporting every table and then manually rearranging everything?