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    Result formula



      Result formula


           I can't seem to figure out how to make the Due Date field empty until Production Date is populated.  Here is what I have:

           If (( # of Specialties < 1 ) and not IsEmpty ( Production Date ) ;Production Date + 14; Production Date +30)

           The Due Date shouldn't have a date in it if Production Date is empty, then it should use # of Specialties < 1 to produce the result.  I have tried so many variations even using similar formulas that work the same but I can't figure it out.

           The Due Date field is a calculation; the Production Date field is a date field; and # of Specialties field is a number field.

           Thank you!

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               If it wasn't for # of Specialties being part of this calculation, just leaving "Do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty" selected would do the trick, but since this field is included and apparently not empty...

               Case ( IsEmpty ( Production Date ) ; "" ;
                            # of Specialties < 1 ; Production Date + 14 ;
                            Production Date +30
                           ) // case

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                 I'll have to research the use of "Case".  Thank you.  It works great of course.