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Result of Calculation

Question asked by LukeCockell on Feb 19, 2011
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Result of Calculation



There are instances where I'd like to display the result of a calculation. I have a system where I have a list of people, and some of those are marked as present in the building at a time. While the list is visible, I have buttons which execute a script and marks them as present if required.

The list is a list view of the table of people are on the system.

The two calculation result's I'd like showing are:

1. Next to the name of the person, and the button that displays them as being present, I'd like to display whether or not they have been marked as being present. Simple text here would be adequate.

2. In the footer of the list, I'd like to be able to display the number of people that are currently present.

I come from an Access background so setting things up on FileMaker is very different and a learning curve for me. If there is something that requires clarification, please do ask. If what I'm requesting will not work directly, and suggestions from people would be useful.

Many thanks,