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results for Calculated field not showing for all users

Question asked by HubertTaschereau on Feb 17, 2013
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results for Calculated field not showing for all users



     Total time is calculated via the timesheet lines. The total time spent is then shown on the project page by task type (administrative,sales etc etc) to be compared with the time on the quote. This is not in a portal but directly on the project layout.


     table occurence (project) as a global storage for ie: administrative

     Table occurence (task) is linked via the global storage ie:administrative

     then, table occurence (timesheetlines) is link to task and the results comes frome here and then showned on the project page...

     I have about 20 table occurences only to display the 10 different kind of tasks and to separate them in billable and non billable hours..

     Problem is, it works fine on the host but nothing shows on distant connexion...same goes for about 2 portals that shows with no infos in it when there is on the host computer....

     Hope this is clear enough...

     I've learn filemaker from tutorial and so on.. So I'm just wondering if there is something fundamental that I'm missing.


     Thanks for reading.