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Results of Child Records in Parent Record

Question asked by jwshelton22 on Nov 12, 2012
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Results of Child Records in Parent Record


     I have a Students, a Student can take a test once a year and could have taken it from this year to each of the past 6 years. In the Test table, I have a record for each time the Student took the test and that Score. So if the Student took the test 3 times, there are three Test records for that Student.

     Each record has _kf_StudentID and there is a relationship of Student to Test by Student::__KP_StudentID = Test::_kf_StudentID.

     I need a field in Student that shows gives me the year taken and score for every time the Test was taken. So the result will be something like: 2007-Score77/2008-Score81/2009-NotTaken/2010-Score91/2011-NotTaken/2012-Score81

     I do not feel a portal will work as I need to export the contents of this new field as a single field showing all results.

     I need this on the single record for that Student.