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Resuming script if user cancels it?

Question asked by EP on Feb 26, 2013
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Resuming script if user cancels it?


     I have a script that generates reports.  One of the last steps in the script is "Save as PDF" which pops up a "save as..." screen so the user can type in the file name, attach to email, open PDF after saving....

     After this step, I have a "Show All Records" step followed by a "Go To Original Layout" to show all records instead of just the found records and return the user to the screen they were working in.   It all works well, unless:

     The user cancels the PDF "Save as..." and then, when the user is prompted to either Continue running the script or Cancel the Script, the user Cancels the script- They are stuck on the report layout with no way of getting out of it.  Is there a way to block Filemaker from prompting the user to cancel or continue the script?