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Retail plugins for FMP (POS/Merchant services)

Question asked by GilesCroft on Apr 17, 2011
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Retail plugins for FMP (POS/Merchant services)



My wife is setting up a UK-based retail business. It's got two outlets: a physical shop front and an online store. She's looking for a solution to manage her stock, sales, orders, contacts, invoices, accounting etc and envisages using a Mac + merchant services terminal + barcode scanner in the shop for sales. (There'll be a small element of remote sales & stock management too, so having FMGo on her iPhone would be an attractive bonus.)

She's keen to manage it all using a powerful, flexible database in the background and FMP seems to fit the bill. Being both software engineer and web designer in a former life, a bit of dev time to get things how she wants them shouldn't be a problem, once she's learned the package.

What we're lacking is knowledge of suitable point of sale or merchant services plugins that could be linked in to the database. Ideally one solution that would cover both the shop front and the online store simultaneously, so that online customers aren't disappointed when something's sold in the physical store and this isn't reflected online (one of her pet gripes as a consumer)!

Does anyone have any recommendations for, or experience with such point of sale software or particular merchant services, working seamlessly with FileMaker Pro? Given that the business is in the development phase, she's not already tied in to one solution or another, and would like to get it right at the beginning, to enable growth later on.

Thanks for any advice