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Retaining a reference to an arbitrary record

Question asked by dzittin on Oct 16, 2014
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Retaining a reference to an arbitrary record


Yes, it's conceivable that I am going about this in the wrong way, but....I if so, am sure I will hear from you. :-)

I am trying to implement a concept of the "current record" where records from different tables have similar actions such as "edit", "create",  "Track", etc.

I am trying to reduce the complexity of the user interface with two rows of radio buttons, E.g.:

Row 1         Row 2

Find  and  Customer    (1st activity in order to activate a record)

Edit  and   Customer      (if user wants to change the current customer record)

Phone and Customer     (if user wants to phone the current customer)

Find   and  Sales Item#


Say a customer is found,  the customer ID should remain active for the duration of the session or changed by activating a different customer. I plan to have a small panel showing an icon of the current record for 3 different tables. 

Outside of capturing unique strings on each record activation to capture the current record and then use finds to find the record if referenced in the future, is there an easier, more efficient method? 

I noticed the recordID concept which gives a unique id to each record. Is there a way to use this ID to locate a record efficiently? Other ideas? Most of my records have a unique ID so this can be captured and used in a find, but is this best way to go?

TIA for ideas, comments, etc.