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Retaining Global Fields

Question asked by Atkins on Oct 2, 2013
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Retaining Global Fields


     Ok, I can't believe I've never run into this issue before this point, but now I have.  I have a few global fields that I want to be "constant" across all open instances of the file (using FM Server) and that will keep their value when the program is closed and re-opened.  These fields will log the start date and end date of a process, as well as the last user that accessed this process.  That means that they are not true "constants" because they will change, but I only want them to change when I tell them to.

     I would use a standard field which behaves this way by default, but I don't want or need this field to exist across all records.  That's why I was trying to use a global.  I guess one workaround could be to create it in a related table, it's just that my database is so huge and complex with so many related tables that I was trying to avoid another instance.  If that is the only way to achieve this then I guess I'll have to do that.  It sure seems like it would be possible to retain a global field in an existing table though.  I read somewhere that the fact I'm using FileMaker Server might be "clearing" my global fields when I close the file.

     Let me know your suggestions!  Thanks!