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Retaining Window Size After Loging Out of FM11

Question asked by GregWelch2143 on Feb 6, 2012
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Retaining Window Size After Loging Out of FM11



I'm running FM Server 10 for Mac, with all databases being hosted on a Mac Pro running 10.5.8.  Users running FC11 for mac.

Is there a way  hosted FM Databases can be setup to remember the current window size (such as 150) of the default layout after a user logs out of the database so when they log back in to the database the window size of the default layout is still at 150 instead of back to 100?

I'm sure there are scripts that could accomplish this.

I have about 20 users but some  prefer the default layout window be bigger at 150 or 200 in size and stay that way just for them.

I am more curios to know if there is a setting in FM11 that the user could change on their own  mac computer, sort of like "Save recent layout Size" so when they log back into the database the default layout opens up to whatever size they left it at. Either 100,150,200 etc.