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Retrieve data from a record based on 2 search fields

Question asked by Atkins on Sep 21, 2012
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Retrieve data from a record based on 2 search fields




     I'm relatively new to FileMaker, and I'm using FileMaker Pro 11, but for this issue I don't think there should be a difference.  I've read lots of posts, the help guide, and browsed through FileMaker books but haven't found a situation like the one I'm trying to solve.

     I'm trying to auto-populate fields for "room information" from a separate table (not associated with the current layout) once the user inputs the 'Building Abbreviation' and 'Room Number'.  Those two elements should be sufficient to find a unique record that already exists in a static, 'master-room-list' table (and yes, it's already a related table by the 'Building Abbreviation' field).  Once the user selects a building and room I'd like FileMaker to run a script that finds the record in that other table and automatically fills in the rest of the blanks (fields) in the current table/layout based on the matching data from that record.  I essentially need to do a "lookup" or "find" with a 2-field criteria, not just a single field.

     Any input on which scripting commands to use would be greatly appreciated.  I've gone about as far as trial and error will take me with no success.  I also already understand the scripting triggers aspect of this issue, so I really just need help on the script and calculations needed to perform the task.  Below you'll see a screenshot of what I'm working with.  The two drop-down lists are the two fields the user would fill in, and they are working fine.  I'd like the rest of the fields, which all exist with the same names in a separate table, to auto-populate based on the entry.  Thanks!