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Retrieve Field Data from Specific Record

Question asked by ToddBest on Jan 30, 2015
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Retrieve Field Data from Specific Record


I am creating a Systems Table that is made of multiple products from a Products Table. Easy enough, I made a Systems Detail Table where the users can add the items that make up the system. The Systems are a construction products that are made of layers of different materials. My headache is this; There are some products that are upgrades to certain layers in the System that are universal for all systems, for example:
-  All Systems have to have at least 1" foam (this is stored in the Systems Detail Table)
-  The foam can be upgraded to 2", 3", etc.

So I am wanting to get the price of  2", 3" etc. Foam and show that price on the System Layout. The price of foam changes often so I need to keep the price updated. So how do I get the price for the Foam from the Products Table when the relationship is already built for the Systems Detail Table? 

I do apologize, I'm even having a tough time explaining this..