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Retrieve Form data to Filemaker Database

Question asked by BetoBoton on Jan 17, 2010
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Retrieve Form data to Filemaker Database


What I want to achieve is:


1- Define the best type of Form students will use.

I don't know what method would be the best to import into a FMP database.

PDF Form?

PHP Online?

Simple HTML to email forms and red the emails inside FMP (somehow...)?

Something I don't even know and it's a killer app? 


Which way it will be "as easy as it can be" for example, to handle 30 students filling 10 forms each and sending them to be processed by my DB? (These are the results of tests from students in a class)


2 - The main goal is to automate scoring of tests and email response with the conseqent course of action based on the achieved results.


I'm still using and getting excelent results with FMP 9 ADV (maybe I'll upgrade when 11 comes up...)


Thanks a lot for any input , I'm confused to wht to do.