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    Retrieve original records before save



      Retrieve original records before save


      We disable layout  auto save and implement save and revert command button on the layout.  On the layout we have portal rows also.  How can we get the original records data, include portal rows, before save it?  We need to take some action on the original records before update it.

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          If you are referring to fields in the layout's current record, then the fact that you have disabled auto-save should enable you to access the values directly provided that you have not yet committed the record. (Some developers put a layout covering, invisible, empty web viewer in the background to intercept layout background clicks to keep them from triggering a save of the data.)

          Records in the portal will be a problem as changes to them will be comitted automatically as you move from row to row. If you just need to have a list of the records present since the last time the record was committed, you could use the list function to capture the ID's in a global variable. If you need actual values, you've got your work cut out for you here. You might want to create a script that saves all the values of all the related records in global fields so that you can access the original field values.