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Retrieve Time from Oracle 10g Date Field

Question asked by Akeso on Feb 28, 2013
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Retrieve Time from Oracle 10g Date Field


     I am trying to setup an ODBC connection to a local Oracle server.
     However, I am having a recuring issue with Date field imports. The company which runs the Oracle server stores time data within Date fields. Whenever I connect to their server, FM only pulls the date information.

     I have tried doing direct imports from the database into fields that are text and timestamp however the issue persits.

     In the attached SS all of the FM fields are text. All except the Time_Stamp field are pulling from Date fields and Date_Time should have an attached time.

     I think it's an issue similar to changing the Database NLS settings in Oracle SQL developer to show Dates as DD-MM-RR HH24:MI:SS, however I cannot find a way to make this change in filemaker.