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Retrieving Data From a Related Table

Question asked by pokerbear on Mar 24, 2013
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Retrieving Data From a Related Table


     I'm completely new to Filemaker Pro (although I've owned it for a while), and I'm working on my first database for our field technicians at work for use on ipads.   I start with a Project page where I want to fill out all the project data.  If I choose the Project Manager or client name from a pop-up list, I want all the related fields for them (e.g. cell phone, email, etc.) to auto-enter on my Project sheet.  Our projects could have any of 10 or more PMs to choose from, and the PMs could be on many projects - so I chose a many to many relationship, and split it into two, one-to-many relationships.  

     I can get the PM chosen with a pop-up list from a value list from the related table, but can't pull the rest of the PM info.

     I think it is a relationship problem that I'm not seeing, but can't figure it out.  The first one I'd like to solve is shown on the attached relationship graph as "Project Info" to "CEG PM List_items" to "CEG PM LIST".