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Retro question: re: big-gap updating of files

Question asked by LarryNemecek on Aug 21, 2012
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Retro question: re: big-gap updating of files


Sorry for this "old" question here:

I'm Mac OS X 6.8, about to update to Lion/ OS X 10.7.

I never jump on new versions and betas; I always wait for the platform to smooth out.

I only use FM for databases I create, and have created since 1988; never use the math functions. I have made it along until now on FM 5.5v2, but Lion drops support for the PowerPC generation.

So--any cautions re: my zillion old files in a MAJOR leapfrog from FM 5.5 to whatever is needed now for Lion? FM Pro 12, I guess? (Much less Snow Leopard, down the road).