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return a number value for found records.

Question asked by abunce515 on Jul 1, 2014
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return a number value for found records.


     I am looking to return a number value into a field for a found number of records.  This number value is then going to be placed on a dashboard to give a current reference.

     The number is going to return a  separate value for the number of pending sales, pending listings, and active listings.  

     Listings and sales whether pending, sold, or active are individual records in the listings table.  

     the status (pending, active) is a value with a primary key (active = "liststa000001", pending = "liststa000002").  

     Whether or not they are a listing or a sale is defined by the representation field in the listings table.  Representation is either buyer, seller, or dual (depending on whether the realtor is representing the buyer, seller, or both)  so buyer would be a sale, seller would be a listing, and dual would be a sale and a listing.  these three are defined by primary keys as well Buyer = "reptyp000001". seller = "reptyp000002", dual = "reptyp000003".


     Thanks for your help