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    Return Address Labels



      Return Address Labels


      Hi, all!

      I am using FMP 11 and am trying to print return address labels for my company.  Since it doesn't change, I put the text into the layout directly and used the Avery 8167 setting FMP provides.  In Layout Mode it looks fine, however when I look at it in Preview Mode it only shows the text repeated 3 times all in the left column.

      I have checked the layout setup dialog and have it set for 4 columns vertically filled first.

      Can anyone tell me why the whole sheet would not be filling with the text?

      Thanks for any help you can offer.

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          You get one label per record in your current found set. I believe you have only three records in your found set. You'll need to either include more records in your current found set or change the design of your layout.

          If you decide to change the design of your layout, you'd use a blank page layout (rather than labels) so that you can place multiple copies of your return address on the blank page. This would take some careful work to get everything positioned, spaced and aligned correctly, but it would work and then you can print a page of return address labels with the Current Record option to get just one complete page printed.

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